Jarl v0.5001 is released - 2001/06/03
Jarl v0.5001 has been released. Bug fix release.

Go get Jarl v0.5001.

Leaving SourceForge - 2001/05/14
I have run into some issues with SourceForge in terms of stability and flexability. To that end, the Jarl CVS is now located on jabber.org. Soon, it will be available through JabberForge, once that is up and running. Please bear with us. In the meantime...

Jarl v0.5000 is released - 2001/05/14
Jarl v0.5000 has been released. My goodness... Where to start on the new features. HTTP, SSL, Command Line Mode (beta), improved Tk widgets, and much much more.

Jarl v0.4003 is released - 2000/11/09
Jarl v0.4003 has been released. Lot's of bug fixes, and new features added.

Jarl v0.4002 is released - 2000/10/09
Jarl v0.4002 has been released. Lot's of bug fixes, including a bug in the autoupdate stuff. Get this version now!

Bug Warning in new Jarl v0.4001 - 2000/09/26
If you are a new user to Jarl then you need to create a .jarl directory in your home directory in order for Jarl to save your profiles. This is being fixed and hopefully I'll get to release 0.4002 really soon.
          mkdir ~/.jarl

Jarl v0.4001 is released - 2000/09/20
Jarl v0.4001 has been released. DOH! Fixed bug in user search.

Jarl v0.4000 is released - 2000/09/20
Jarl v0.4000 has been released. New roster, now login, better profile support, all around better.

Jarl v0.3004 is released - 2000/07/13
Jarl v0.3004 has been released. This release adds a lot of functionality to Presence support. Both sending and displaying.

Jarl v0.3003 is released - 2000/07/10
Jarl v0.3003 has been released. I found a bug with the subscription requests and fixed them in this release as well as adding a few more features.

New Website - 2000/07/04
Well, let's hope that everyone likes the new web site design.

Jarl v0.3002 is released - 2000/07/03
Jarl v0.3002 has been released. This release fixes a lot of bugs and adds a number of new features. I've had reports of Jarl not working with 5.004 so if you run into problems try upgrading to 5.005.

Jarl v0.3001 is released - 2000/06/14 Jarl v0.3001 has been released. This is an initial release and should be considered alpha. It works/installs fine on my machines, but on your machine... :)