• Jarl-0.5001.tar.gz - tar.gz file
  • 0.5001
      - Bug in the new EntryPullDown module makes it kind of
        hard to join groupchat.
      - Bug in makes it even harder to join
      - Removed clock from lower right corner.
      - Added Logout button so that you can change accounts
        without quitting Jarl.
      - Got rid of minimum size limitation.
      - Split Roster and normal Messages into two tabs.
      - Moved Login into a tab.
      - Added dropping of messages with no body defined.
      - Added checks to see if the GPG or SSL is installed,
        and to turn off the things that will use them if
        then are not available at run time.
      - Install script modified to check for openssl, and
        add-on option prompting for gpg and ssl.
      - SSL support via XML::Stream.
      - Added help docs in CLI mode.
      - Fixed bug in CLI TabBar when I added in hidden tabs
        for the Debug.
      - Added Debug tab to CLI, and split out the Debug code.
      - Per Jer's request for the umpteenth time, when you
        select a profile on the login GUI it will not make
        the fields disabled.
      - Nick Completion now includes a nick rotation.  If you
        tab over and over again it will cycle through the
        matching nicks and you can stop when you find the one
        you wanted.
      - Modified install script to not require wget, to prompt
        for mode installs (for those that want CLI and not Tk),
        and add in a default mode prompt so that typing "jarl"
        will use that mode and not Tk.
      - Added support for the new XML::Stream HTTP connect
        method for bypassing firewalls via proxy servers.
      - Major progress on the CLI.
      - Added multiple selects to the MulColListbox.
      - Added sorting by column to the MulColListbox.
      - Moved the MulColListbox and TabBar into the jarl tree.
      - Split the Normal message code apart.
      - Fixed the parser so that it produced reasonably sized
        data arrays.
      - When debug is not being shown, the debug is not saved.
        Hopefully this will help with memory.
      - Fixed groupchat time offset bug.
      - Fixed headline display bug.
      - Started working on SXPM support.
      - Fixed GPG bug where it would try to secure a false chat
        and spit out an error.
      - Fixed Normal Message bug where a Send would cause a
        Tk error.
      - Fixed roster bug where the full JID was not being
        sent to the server.
      - GroupChat is now using the new interface 
      - Fixed bug in Roster with GPG keys and multiple 
      - Chat is now using the new interface architecture.
      - Removed jarlCTCP function library since it is not
        used anymore.
      - Major change in the architecture of Jarl.  *
        have moved to * to make room for other graphic
        lib and interface ports.
      - Fixed bug in GPG where it fetch the key before
        you ever chat or message them.
      - Major rearrange of the code to support different
        interface models.  (There are GTk and CLI versions 
        in the works...)
      - Split Roster into inherited model.
      - Added debug to GPG functions.
      - Added Auto Fetch and Trust feature to GPG.
      - Fixed bug where non-standard characters (!&^|) 
        would cause a Tk error in groupchat nicks.
      - Fixed chat bug where it would chat with a resource
        instead of just the main JID.
      - Added Double-Click pref for the main roster 
        (normal vs. chat)
      - Added Roster prefs for subscriptions.
      - Added GPG support.
      - Clear button for Groupchat and Chat.
      - Clear icon for Status and Debug.
      - Error messages now highlight the Tab.
    0.4003 - 2000/11/19
      - Fixed groupchat roster support for nicks that
        have () and " " in them.
      - Fixed subscription request GUI when you get
        multiple requests at one time.
      - Fixed Autoupdate code.
      - Fixed Scrollbar under Chat and GroupChat.
      - Added Jarl button to toolbar to show when Jarl
        is working, and to take you to the Jarl homepage.
      - Fixed install script bug.
      - Changed up look of toolbar and status bar.
      - Icons now scale with the size of the font.
      - Fixed bug in /topic changes in groupchat.
      - Changed Net::Jabber requirement to 1.0020.
      - Removed all references to Digest since Net::Jabber
        AuthSend now determines the highest level of
        security available and picks it.
      - Revamped the Status window to show the different
        sections better.
      - Added Clear buttons to the Status and Debug logs.
      - Fixed bug in groupchat that if a presence was sent
        before a message, then Jarl broke.
      - Added history to the SendXML in the Debug section.
        Use PageUp/PageDown to access it.
      - Updated headline supoprt for jabber:x:delays in
        preperation for the upcoming Meerkat-Service
      - Fixed bug in the Web Browser preference where the
        default was %GUI% and not %URL%... DOH!
      - Fixed nick complettion so that if you type in the
        whole name it will add the ": " or " " to the nick
        for you.
      - Fixed bug with Roster and case insensitive JIDs.
      - Added a history to the groupchat and chat screens.
        Up and Down arrow scroll through it.
      - Fixed nick changes sent from the sever.
      - Added a feature under the Debug Tab where you can
        send XML from a Text box.
      - Added a preference for showing or hiding the debug
      - Changed the callbacks over to the new Net::Jabber 
      - Added support for figuring out the time offset 
        from a groupchat agent and displaying the proper
        local time for the history messages.
      - Moved Tk::MulColListbox requirement to 0.3.
      - Moved the CTCP Time and Version results out of
        seperate winodws and into the main message listing.
      - Changed the colors in the Debug window.  This way
        you can easily see what was sent, received, and what
        is an error.
      - Fixed bug with the mouse wheel support.
      - For the old mesages you get when you connect to a
        groupchat server, jarl places an @ after the
      - Added better Agent error handling.
      - Changed Custom Presence GUI.
      - Tweaked URL highlighting even furthur.
    0.4002 - 2000/10/09
      - Fixed bug with AutoUpdate file named incorrectly.
      - Fixed bug where Button-3 on a Text object would pop
        up a menu.
      - Changed the name format of the files in the .jarl 
      - When you create a new profile it is saved immediatly
        as well as when you quit.  This was to avoid losing
        the profile if Jarl crashed before it saved it.
      - Fixed some broken roster code.
      - Added confirmation when you try to remove a JID from
        your roster.
      - Connect button is not active until the GUI is done
        loading (green bar on login screen).
      - When you click on the Connect button it is disabled
        until Jarl fails to connect to the server.
      - Changed NickComplete from hash to the Tk Roster 
        object.  This is a lot more accurate.
      - Fixed bug in Net::Jabber which caused a bug in Jarl.
      - In groupchat, you now get a message telling you that
        you are no longer in the channel, and the roster is
      - When you are disconnected and reconnected your same
        presence information is used, including which
        groupchat rooms you were logged into.
      - Fixed bug in jarlMainLoop where it calling a function
        on an undefined object.
      - Updated the availablity messages under chat.  Now if
        the user you are chatting with logs out/in or changes
        their presence you will get an update in the chat
      - Fixed bug in chat where hitting return on a blank "Say"
        would send the last "Say".
      - Added support for offline chat messages to display the
        time they were received, just like in groupchat.
      - Fixed URL syntax highlighting again.
      - Enabled starting a chat with someone who is offline.
      - Fixed bug where you could not log in to the new server
        architecture.  Moved Net::Jabber requirement to 
      - Fixed bug where a new user would not be able to save
        profiles due to the ~/.jarl directory not being
      - Fixed bug where any key press qould fetch a URL.  Now
        it's only button 1.
      - Fixed Syntax Highlighting.
      - Fixed GroupChat Roster font changing.
      - Added suport for the mouse wheel.  It scrolls text
        widgets (ie. Status, Debug, GroupChat, Messages, etc.)
    0.4001 - 2000/09/20
      - Fixed bug in search code where adding a JID caused an
    0.4000 - 2000/09/20
      - Changed the install process to be a more split apart
      - Added support for the new GroupChat past messages
        that you receive when you log in to the channel.
      - Fixed bug with Ctrl-Enter on the New Message tab.
      - The presence objects now change the icon in the
        status bar when it changes.  This fixes a bug in the 
        custom presence stuff.
      - Fixed bug in groupchat where a hitting entr twice
        resent the last message over and over again.
      - Added support for Unified Presence.  When you change
        the main presence, your presence in all groupchat
        channels changes as well.  No preference for it yet.
      - Added the new roster into groupchat windows so that
        you can now see the presences from all of the users
        in the channel.
      - Created a new roster instead of using the Tk::HList.
        The new roster supports resources.
      - Made custom check boxes and radio buttons to match
        the rest of the GUI.
      - Added a new preference.  Font changing.  The default
        font size is Helvetica 14, but you change this from
        the Config interface.
      - Change config file format to match the Profile change.
      - Change Profile Editor to support a Connection Profile
        as well.  This allows you to specify multiple ways to
        connect to a server (TCP/IP, SSL-future, HTTP-future).
      - Split Jarl into "modules" that are not loaded until
        they are needed.  This allows a faster startup.
      - Added new Login screen.
      - Fixed bug where trying to chat with an off-line user 
        would cause a crash.
    0.3004 - 2000/07/13
      - Added my first preference.  Web Browser.  Now you 
        can enter in the custom line to start whichever 
        web browser you want.
      - Added support for /nick in groupchat.
      - Added a "Custom Presence" to the Presence Menu 
        so you can craft your own presence.
      - Changed the format of the text in Groupchat to 
        be more standard.  %% precedes server messages, 
        * precedes actions, and the nick is now surrounded 
        with <>.
      - Changed the presence stuff in the Status bar 
        to show the Status message that you are showing 
        as well.
      - Changed the Presence menu around to support 
        sending out Status messages with the presence.
      - In the New Message tab, Ctrl-Enter will hit the 
        "Send" button for you.
      - Added balloon messages to the Roster to show the 
        status of the JID.
      - Added support for sending out CTCP Version and 
        Time requests in the Roster popup menu.
      - Added function to massage the Roster popup menu 
        to show things either normal or disabled based 
        on the JID and info for that JID.
      - Added Subscribe/Unsubscribe to the roster popup menu.
    0.3003 - 2000/07/10
      - Added string and icon to the status bar to show 
        who is on Jarl and what presence they are showing.
      - Added more roster icons to show the situation 
        when you do not have a subscription of "both".
      - Fixed bug where the change in presence and roster 
        on an unsubscribe would not show the change in 
        the roster icon.
      - Fixed bug in Net::Jabber and Jarl with the 
        PresenceDB stuff where a subscription presence 
        would not get to the user for authorization.  
        Shifted Net::Jabber requirement to v1.0011.
    0.3002 - 2000/07/03
      - Added in support for AutoUpdate.  This will 
        help all Jarl users keep up to date with 
        future releases.
      - Patched bug with the indention in chat and 
        groupchat where sometimes the margin width 
        is undefined and wipes out the indention for 
        a user.
      - Added new message button to the ToolBar to 
        allow the user to send a message to an 
        arbitrary JID.
      - Added resource pull down menu to the new 
        message GUI so you can send a message to a 
        specific resource.
      - Added support for the PresenceDB in the 
        Net::Jabber::Protocol.  This allows Jarl to 
        track the various resources and only shows 
        you the highest priority.
      - When chatting with someone in a groupchat 
        room it shows a log out message for the other 
        person in the chat window so you can know 
        that they left.
      - When doing nick completion in GroupChat it 
        now scrolls the entry to the end so that 
        the nick completion doesn't jump past the 
        end of the entry view.
      - When doing nick completion in GroupChat if 
        the nick is at the beginning of the entry 
        box then it adds ":" to the end, otherwise 
        it doesn't.
      - Moved the "Leave" and "Cancel" buttons on the 
        Chat and GroupChat windows to get rid of the 
        emtpy space under the say entry box.
      - Removed blank line from the end of the 
        chat/groupchat windows.
      - Added date/time to the Status frame.
      - Added Status frame to bottom of main window.
      - Added margins to the Chat and Groupchat Text 
        boxes.  Now the wrapped text shown with a 
        margin so that you can easier read the names.
      - Fixed bug in Headlines when you close the 
        headlines and then get a new headline it would 
        add one too many headlines in and less up the 
      - Added TabBar highlighting to show that 
        something in that tab changed.
      - Removed window grabs as it caused problems 
        with conflicts with other programs.