Jarl is a Perl/Tk application that allows you to access a Jabber account and have full access to the Jabber IM system. It runs on any platform that supports Perl and Tk, which at this time it most platforms.

Jarl is going to be a full featured Jabber client that supports 100% of the features that the Jabber IM offers.

Jarl is written in Perl for a few reasons. I wrote the Net::Jabber and XML::Stream modules which are used to give a Perl script access to the Jabber protocol. I wanted to showcase what Perl combined with Tk and Jabber is capable of. Also, since the majority of the other clients are not being written for non-Linux/Win32/MacOS, and that's what I use at work I needed to write something to use Jabber at work.

Language:Perl and Tk
Platforms:Linux, Solaris, HPUX, AIX, Irix, Win32, MacOS, (any platform that supports Perl and Tk)
Current Version:v0.3002
Last Update:2000/07/03